Banks cutting off online wallet fiat transactions

MyCryptoWallet an Australian/New Zealand online wallet has had all its accounts frozen by the NAB National Australia Bank and customers cannot transact between the bank and the online wallet. Customers accounts with MyCryptoWallet have been held by the NAB also. This is a serious attack on crypto where I believe banks are starting to freeze savings and stop investers transferring there money over to crypto. This is a tactic being used to deal with online interests first, in order to avoid panicking the general public before the eminent market crash and to avoid the bank runs before they shut the doors and inact bank controlled legislation (bail in) I’m withdrawing my savings asap and holding my cash in a safe. This is not scare mongering it’s a precautionary measure as I don’t trust the banks. Expect this to happen across the board with online wallets, the banks want to hold all public savings using bail in legislation. And they will do anything to stop the transfer of your money to a decentralized haven. People, in my opinion it’s GFC about to go down again, prepare yourselves.

I just used NAB to purchase from Coinspot with no problems.


Forget the cash, buy silver and gold and put that in your safe. When the market crash comes fiat will be worthless anyway. Bullion and crypto will be the future.


I agree, I’ve never sold crypto to fiat (bank-account) only to usd(t) on exchange to increase my bags.
and I’m not planning to sell any of them in 2019 or 2020


At the end. The banks will lose this battle


I’m glad for you I was not talking about coin spot, I think because they look after NZ and Cryptopia went down they may be planning on further breaches.

Hey Mulder hope your well mate, just so you know I was talking about sending cash from the bank to the wallet in order to buy crypto, not about sending crypto back to a bank to turn it for cash.

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No worries I just saw the bit about withdrawing cash and putting it in a safe so I recommended bullion as better than cash money. The banks are going to keep fighting it. Cryptopia lost their fiat deposit bank. Only one place in nz for fiat deposits now called kiwi coin but its a very low volume btc only exchange. I think there will be a crash coming soon - fiat will go and things will change with crypto getting more uptake and a new economy will be created based on resources like gold. I have seen some interesting info about past historic resets of the monetary system. Just wait it out anyway is my feeling. It seems like just passing time now…

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I got this from a friend who is into the global conspiracy stuff - if true we could be looking at a FIAT crash very soon

sent 10k to independent reserve … no dramas.

cash will be scarce at first. as nobody will be able to withdraw money. when they decide to print money like crazy, then cash will be worthless. Where gold goes… the market usually follows.

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