Balance not transferred upon reaching 10 ETN



My mobile miner has mined 15 ETN now but still ETN are not transfered to the account. According to Electroneum, ETN will be transfered to the account once it is reached 10 ETN while mining.

Any help?



Try hitting refresh , you will get the do not worry , once they transfer over to the wallet it takes around 45mins to appear . Sometimes longer but they will arrive.


I did refresh. In order the balance to be transfered, there should be a payment posted under wallet. May be i should post some screenshots.



Just be patient,
It will be added to the wallet soon.
Maybe they’re updating sth


Same here, folks. Just waiting for it to transfer; it’s never been above 11 ETN before though.


Now this is strange; within 4 minutes the number of miners plummeted from 128,436 to 123,772 and my hash rate shot up from 44.93 to 50.42!

Is this normal?


Now my hashrate just plummeted back to 30.10 :thinking:


Don’t worry about it folks , sometimes it goes to 11 , 12 etc it will transfer if not it will accumulate until it transfers .


@Chris_T not really worried; just intrigued about the change, and the sudden drop in number of miners. I’m still chilled :slight_smile:


Mine has been transfered now after 14 ETN.

Wait a little more.




It goes to eleven . . .


Mines gone to 12 before , I guess it depends on weather it can be arsed or not :joy:


Stoping the miner, closing the app completely (swiping it off the screen) and giving it a few moments before opening it again works for me.


12.90 went in today :slight_smile: Just good to know it’s still working. That goes towards another paper wallet for a family member for Christmas :slight_smile:


Seems like I caught your bug because mine is sitting at 12,41 for the first time ever lol.


This is happening since the new update from eectroneum app.

might be a bug



Here we go again.
I am pretty sure that there is something wrong with Electroneum App.


Mine got to 19.1 then transferred on Monday morning . Must have a glitch in there somewhere


Is your wallet refreshing? Mine was added to queue from yesterday and hasn’t refreshed or paid since. Raised a support ticket, was told to wait it out.


Took me all Sunday to get it to work . Tried everything . It just sorted itself out