Bakkt NYSE has released their list of crypto assets that will be traded by them on their website!

Unfortunately Electroneum is not on the list, Yet !!

It says “The feed delivers real-time and historical data for the most widely and actively traded cryptocurrencies. Covering 60+ cryptocurrencies from leading venues, markets and exchanges across the globe.”

I thought ETN was one of the widely and actively traded crypto !!! , I think someone at Bakkt needs to look into ETN



Very interesting, thanks for posting Izmo!


Nice share !! Thanks izmo

This list is simply a list shown on their website and the digital assets they will invest and trade with will change over time. A few may be dropped from that list and a few more added; nobody knows what to truly expect until there is an official announcement.

Keep in mind Baakt are in process of recruiting Blockchain Developers & Engineers still and I do not expect them to have all the details released fully. This is harder said then done but do not have the fear of rushing or missing out. When an official list is printed at launch and not before, I cannot say whether ETN will be added either but I am optimistic that if the team continues to deliver real growth and value then it is a matter of time.

All this was described in one word that i mentioned ( ( Yet ! ) )


Cheers mate , Did you notice Verge on the list , how on earth did a scam coin like Verge make it on the list and they ignored Electroneum !!! That hurts !

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Yeah , maybe they bribed them hahahhaha

Thanks for sharing Izmo, I think we’ll get on there eventually. ETN is a perfect match for Bakkt & Fidelity too with the direction it’s going.

Don`t worry friends lots of crypto assets are garbage they are listing one day they realize it. ETN is real use crypto with future plan not only use for trading purpose.

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