BAKKT is coming

As many of you guys heard about BAKKT already I think,

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) in collaboration with Starbucks & Microsoft apparently are gonna lunch BAKKT in November…

If i understood it well they want to:

  • “regulate” cryptos etc… So I really think institutions could be interested by this like ETF.
  • Give an access to people to invest in Bitcoin etc… (futures contracts etc…)

They gonna use Starbucks for example to pay directly with bitcoin…

I’m not asking anything to the ETN team but maybe they should have an eye on it, I don’t know how it can help ETN for mass adoption, I don’t really know if BAKKT is a good or bad thing actually for cryptos, I’m just posting that here then we can discuss :wink:

Have a good day everyone,


Good thing BAKKT is not going for the developing countries like ETN is :wink: And ETN has more solid aproach to actually make users use ETN through telecom partners. The starbucks thing is just that you can buy some gift cards with BTC and use those to buy your Starbucks coffee. Since the purchace is not done directly with BTC it is not good enough yet in my opinion.


The greed in me will have loved BAKKT, but i haven’t made my opinion about it yet.

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