Bakkt inquires send an email to show support


Send all inquires to email: for ETN to be listed.


I did, cmon everybody, lets do this!


I joined in thank you


Lets make it massive guys! With unity and love we can do this!!


This needs to be a massive and a top priority for the community. IMO


Done, every body email this is so important. We have the chance to truly show how big of a community we are:)


Sent an email this morning laying out the reasons for them to consider adding ETN to BAKKT. We’ll see! Until then, it’s ETN vs the world. :slight_smile:


Excellent! ETN army back at it… Not sure if this has been posted as it is from late November, but you can post here in the comments too! I just did and a few others. and you can upvote.


thanks everyone! Appreciate your support! February is going to be an awesome month for ETN!


Any email from yourself soon?


I sent Bakkt an email earlier this afternoon! We’ve got this :+1:


Its always an honour to do everything we can as investors to suppprt Electroneum in any way possible.
To :heart: Electroneum is to :heart: your investment.


Hi @ETNCEO You and the ETN team do not ever stand alone…
You have a HUGE army of supporters behind you !!!

We can’t wait for February either, and the journey we all continue to take.
Anything you need from us in the meantime, just let us know. Our voice is getting louder and our collective marketing efforts are to be applauded.
Well done everyone!

Enjoy your weekend all :sparkling_heart:


Nice to hear from you @ETNCEO, you’re most welcome good sir. We all love what ETN is all about
and doing all we can as a community to help grow ETN and help you on your mission to mass
adoption. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!


I wanted to just share this Tweet from Bakkt again here too. It’s from November but
I’m sure they keep checking it to see what coins are being posted. I’ll be commenting on it tomorrow
morning when I wake up. Let’s all work on filling this Tweet up with ETN comments in addition to those

Also I will be sending an email into Bakkt as well recommending Electroneum.


I also emailed Bakkt earlier today! I’m always happy to help the project as much as I can! :wink:


I have sent a concise email promoting ETN to the Bakkt platform as well as on twitter. :slight_smile: Onwards and upwards ETN community!!!


I just sent mine what else?


Emailed and tweeted , come on etn army we can do this …

Thumbs up to everyone who has emailed , tweeted , Facebooked instagrammed etc etc … And to those who haven’t yet…

Get a move on your coin needs you !!!

Nice to see the boss popping in !!!



Just sent the email :slight_smile: