Backup your logo .png .gif or your intro movie .mp4 that you have made on Anytask. (maximum 32MB)

Okay let’s start simple.
Backup your logo .png .gif or your intro movie .mp4 that you have made on Anytask. (maximum 32MB)
Record it on etn-sc blockchain. (ipfs cid)
Backup is method which is unique, and very easy to apply in scripts and websites etc.
As far as I know, this “recording of this method” has not yet been done.
The scoop belongs to electroneum.
Look at my profile for the website I’ve been working on.
I have already made and applied many many backups in many websites and scripts.

Extra service and or extension Anytask in combination with etn-sc.
Now there are several sites where the nfts or logos have spontaneously disappeared or are loaded very slowly.
That’s why I created the backup functions.
It is a very well-arranged site that can accommodate all your NFTs and logos.
If you have lost your logo or nft (which you may have had made on Anytask) or it no longer works online, you can bring it back or make it faster by sharing it with your friends, family, etc.

I made something quickly.
You could add another sales function.
Then the artists of Anytask can offer their created logos and nft to everyone.
There are so many possibilities to make more of Anytask.

ipfs files that are simultaneously stored on an IPFS node in 3 unique geographic regions are resistant to failures and disasters, and data is also highly performant and accessible.
This can be done in public or in a protected environment.
If you go for the public version, electroneum users can submit their nodes.
If you go for the shielded version, the selected users/instances can offer their nodes.

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Taking funny photos and videos with your phone and then uploading them to create an NFT can become huge.
I look forward to that too. As far as I’m concerned, this is etn-sc’s first new acquisition.
You could start now to make an NFT of it later via etn-sc.
Good luck everyone with making the funny photos and videos.


Maybe ??

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