̶B̶I̶N̶A̶N̶C̶E̶ and other exchanges (NEW & BIG)

Since binance seems not interested in electroneum being listed I think electroneum team will pursue and work hard to list on an big exchange with BTC pairing

Listing in a new exchange will help Electroneum to increase its liquidity and exposure to the cryptocurrency world

Electroneum is mass adopted by unbanned we have 3.6+ millions now we need people who will use electroneum and also buy electroneum

Being on an big and popular exchange can help

The problem now is the exchange based on my observation

Where can I buy ETN?
Fee is to expensive I can’t deposit!

Remember cryptopia days ETN volume is millions of dollars why?

+Cryptopia is very easy to use
+Cryptopia is user friendly
+BTC/ETH/LTC pairing

Now I suggest electroneum team to teach the unbanked to buy on exchage not just to earn and sell

Buy now !

if I remember correct cryptopia needed KYC when you wanted to withdraw in fiat


@lkelemen Indeed it had KYC over a certain threshold, just like every legit exchange.

@e21c132b25286dad12f2 The entire purpose of ETN is to bring the benefits of crypto to the masses, part of this is to make it as user friendly as possible. Directing that market to exchanges is the exact opposite of making it user-friendly.

Being on as many exchanges as possible is great as it makes it easier for people to buy if they want to, but apart from a few exceptions, exchanges ENABLE liquidity, they don’t cause it.

As the recent Q&A with Richard has highlighted, the team are doing what they can to get listed already. With adoption comes liquidity…and with liquidity comes interest from exchanges and traders. It will come.


Yes I’m very excited for the new exchanges coming I hope they prioritize it

I know it may not be fast tracked if they can get 3-5 big exchange this year will be a good progress :slight_smile:


The last Q&A, Richard have explained a lot a lot a lot of things especially for exchange check it on youtube


Yup I already watched hours after it was uploaded

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