Avoiding temptation to trash talk other projects

The other day I was in a discord forum for another coin that I will not name here. With the amount of buzz around electroneum there has been a trend to bash etn in the forums on the other coins. This is becoming more true now that the product is arriving in good working order. Additionally the devs of these coins often compare their product against a false characterization of how etn works. I know I lost interest in a couple of projects solely because they seem too fixated on bashing their perceived competition and not in addressing their own issues. Well after a week of this I was ready to start flaming back. So I dropped from their discord and walked away. The reputation of electroneum is too important to tarnish.

So to keep things positive The list of things I like about electroneum.
The name: It reminds me of the old byzantine electrum coins updated for the digital age. As such it sounds like money.
The mobile miner: Fantastic way to get end users involved in etn.
Instant payments: It fixes the problem of how to be viable for a retail point of sale.
The willingness to modify a plan to fix problems: While many folks still dislike going back to being asic friendly, it was the right thing to do to bring the focus back onto the future marketing and away from the shortcomings of how the network actually was with gpu mining.
The project vision: Focusing on getting it done. A roadmap that may actually help end users in the developing world. A coherent plan for how to get to mass adoption.
An understanding of Marketing: Having good enough tech with really good marketing will work out best in the end.
KYC: Having this removes many barriers to adoption. No business wants to risk everything to being accused of assisting in money laundering. The KYC as implemented on the mobile wallet should give businesses comfort that the customer paying with etn using the instant payment system is legit.
Staying classy: I like that the Etn team has kept to the high road no matter how much mud or fud has been thrown their way.

I agree… A rising tide lifts all boats.