Available Remote Nodes


As discussed in the Trusted remote node thread (Trusted remote node) I have been working with @RSKNOR to get a Remote Node working for those of you without 50GB+ of spare hard drive space and the desire to keep it up to date yet would like to use a CLI wallet or want to check the balance on a paper wallet.

If you’d like to use it, please use the following commands to tell your CLI wallet to connect to it rather than a local copy of the blockchain.:

Windows: electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --daemon-host=
Linux: ./electroneum-wallet-cli --daemon-host=

From tests, it takes about 5 minutes to re-sync the blockchain from scratch and its hosted on Azure so should be pretty robust.

If you experience any issues with the node, please PM me and I’ll take a look as soon as I can but as with the forum Terms of Service, this is provided without any warranty or recourse - it is just provided for the good of the community.




@cuddlesquid Care to update the remote node how-to ?


Just checked it works.
Just made a batch file for that for my own for a windows computer.
The electroneum-wallet-cli.exe file is in
C: \ Program Files \ Electroneum
It is very easy.


I’m playing a little with this.
To understand everything.
I also understand when there are problems.

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