AVAILABLE BALANCE is showing 0 ETN despite having WALLLET BALANCE in 4-digits

I purchased some ETN during the ICO phase way before Electroneum’s full-fledged launch, around 3 years ago.

However, now when I logged-in after a few years, though my WALLET BALANCE is showing ETNs in 4-digits as it was showing before but the AVAILABLE BALANCE is showing 0 ETN. Due to this, I am facing hardships in using the balance and unable to transfer/utilize the coins.

And, ETN was first launched in the exchange namely “cryptopia.nz” where I remember of having some purchase history but as of today cryptopia has shut down its services due to some regulatory restrictions as the notification put up on the website says. (Snapshot enclosed in the attachments)

Tried refreshing the wallet, updated the app, reinstalled the app, KYC status is also upgraded to level 1, way back.

In this context, I would request anyone to kindly assist me resolving my issue.

i think you need to do kyc up to level 3 now . Just log a job with the support desk rather than use the forum. Should be an easy fix.


cryptopia was hacked - there is a big legal case unfolding you can read about it here

Update for Cryptopia account holders 18 September 2020 | Grant Thornton


Yup, create a support ticket at

Support.electroneum.com and explain everything that you have posted here to support in detail

Many thanks

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Thank you everyone for your valuable responses.

However, I forgot to mention that I have already created a ticket around 8-10 days prior to submitting the message here in the forum.

The support team is working at snail’s pace. Their usual reply timing is more than 7 days it seems.

After around 7 days, I heard back from them. The reply lacked clarity. They asked for uploading the “purchase proof” and the “copy of ID to my wallet”.

At this point, I do not have a purchase since cryptopia is no longer working and I didn’t understand what they meant by “copy of ID to my wallet”, is it the Public Key to my wallet?

Just upload a copy of your passport I think that is what they are asking for. The support can’t keep up these days - just too many signing up for ETN now. Just tell them you bought the coins on cryptopia and no proof is available any more.

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