Automatic Instant Vendor Payment without Payer(Admin) confirmation


Currently, The electroneum allows to pay in the below two possible ways.

  1. Through QRC with credentials of the vendor
  2. Also with a payment string after login through portal.
    In both scenarios a manual operation is required to close the transaction.
    Either we need to scan the QRC or we have to login and confirm with the payment string in electroneum portal. Is there any other way to skip these two manual intervention
    kindly suggest the way to do automatic payment transfer without any confirmation from Payer. Please let us know asap.


I’m a little confused what you are asking here.

Can you give an example of what you mean? Are you talking about a DirectDebit style auto payment?


Do you mean setting up automatic recurring payments? Like paying a bill monthly?


I have electroneum wallet account.I am using that credentials to transact to another account (using public address) with out my confirmation (QRC/any other) directly send etn to another account.
like vendor payment widget concept but here without any confirmation of transaction.
Could check and suggest any other way to implement it .


Of course Similar that,we need to automate the transaction for particular routine (monthly,weekly…) without any intervention of payer.


Not sure what u mean.
But u can use other ways of recieving etn
e.g. I have a product worth of 14000. Etns
I give the buyer the following qrc code.

However i wonder if confirmation is required or not
So instead of price tags we can use this code to get etns directly for our market


What do you sell? 20 sales


@BegaMutex he is talking about recurring transactions that can be set to happen weekly, monthly, etc.


Seems that way.

Subscriptions have been discussed in videos before. So its being looked at.