Auto trading bot program



This is a free program ( for now)
Operates on four major exchanges, so far.


Interesting I wonder what their fees will be and how far they stretch out among exchanges and coins. There are many different Auto bots out there running different algorithms. I wonder how many users use such bot trading platforms. My boss is running auto bots on the top 10 coins it’s an interesting process but I haven’t done extensive research on it yet.


I havent looked into the bot thing at all really.
Sure Ive done some research but not as far as taking on a program to actually trade with.
I suppose once you get a certain number of users you could keep the fees pretty cheap.
Ill be interested to see what part if any bots play in the process of regulation.


These things need your log in details for all your exchanges to function. There is no way i would give a computer program hosted by someone access to my accounts where it can literally sell all my Coins and sent the proceeds to the developer of the software.

API trading bots have their place, that place is in the big boys playground where people pay a lot of money to use them. The big boys have their trusted sources of what programmes to use. However there is absolutely no way i would give some little and new inconspicuous program/developer my log in details or access to my Coins. The idea sounds totally crazy! Then again maybe i have ressearched way too much on how people loose their crypto fortunes, but i’m happy being over cautious than under aware.

Not for me!


Im with you Colin.
Id happily wear my own stupidity for a loss or a bad trade.
Im pretty old school.
We Were botless then and Im botless now!


They would need your 2FA also! Or root email!


Alarm bells ringing yet? :hushed:


Definitely for me!! They own all your coins at that point and can do a Wolf of Wall Street on you!!