Australian Trusted Crypto Resources


Let us know what your trust resources in Australia are.


Nuggets News…simply awesome!
You Tube/ Facebook


I use
They have quite interesting articles.


I don’t think I’ve seen that one will have to check it out.


Hes the bomb.
From Tasmania.
Hes a Qualifed Pharmacist but does Crypto instead.
He doesnt cover Electroneum but I have his assistants Email.
Im going to send him a line or two very shortly.
Warm welcome from the Gold Coast!


Nice. Hope he can. Sunny Queensland here. :wink:


Theres a few of us here.
We could do with a lot more.
Id start marketing it to sheep ,
Probably as much chance they would bother to listen!


So true Pahini :joy: I’ve met people lately that have never even heard of bitcoin :flushed:
I’m from Melbourne. Check out the ETN worldwide party @Cogsclan, we may possibly be throwing the shindig up QLD way! Or one of many :nerd_face:


Thats a trusted Aussie crypto resource.
Well I know if I asked you something about crypto youd be trustworthy!!


Well will definitely be going then😂


Wow 16.6K (16 600 folowers) of follow at Twitter we need this boy on board!


Yes check out his videos there so cool.
The guy is just natural


Im close.
Really close.
Hes doing research now I believe to see whether its what he believes in.
He doesnt shill.


And his youtube have 36400 subscribe wow


I am one.
I have contacts in his “circle”


He personally PMd me this morning


Should take a look at this guy on twitter or you tube if you get the chance.
This is nuggets news @Metaforia @PrestCrypto


Have a look that this tweet bring to us :slight_smile:


Thanks mate will follow and check it


Just a quick hello to all the Australians in here, I’m based in Western Sydney. Take care and give your support to the next big mover and killer app Electroneum.