Attract new sellers


Hi Jonathan,

Can we not attract new, high quality sellers by running some kind of competition with etn/cash prize?

It could be ‘design a logo’ for a new arm of Electroneum (you mentioned a new product in the works) or something similar.

I see this as a great way to get good quality sellers from other sites signed up with an Anytask account.

Once they have an account they will be more likely to take tasks.

Also give those starting out a chance to showcase their skills.

And, give Electroneum a chance to showcase the results as what potential buyers can expect.

I think you’ll agree there are some good taskers, lots of tasks, but need higher quality if we seriously want agencies to get involved (I’m aware this will take time)

Perhaps there could be a competition each month for different skills; logo, video, translation (choose the areas you mostly want to promote and gain some enthusiasm.

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