Attention Richard Ells

Please let Cryptocurrency 1607 interview you. He has provided the ETN community with such great content in the past and has now returned to bring us more. He has wonderful insights and opinions on the potential future of ETN.

He deserves a shot at the majors.

You cant help but like this guy. He is very level headed and I have always found his Videos and comments very well researched and tempered in his expectations.

Agreed he deserves an opportunity to Interview R Ells, but will have to be web stream i’d guess since he is American.


That would be awesome! Love 1607, I was so happy to see him back.

While we’re throwing names out there, the Turkish channel that reviewed etn recently could use an interview. Plugging system coin, kyc and lira pairing are all great selling points and I don’t think he covered any of that

Check out Kripto Emre (@kriptoemre):

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