At Which Year and Stage Did You Enter Crypto?


I was trying to get it then and it took much of my free time.


There was a guy on the TV that was offering several thousand BTC for $50.00 USD It was either 10,000 or 50,000 I don’t recall. This sparked my interest and I talked with my co workers that would listen too me. Most people did not know what I was talking about. Those that did would raise their eye brows and say I don’t think it will go any where. Also most of the rest said it was a scam. AAHHH the early days of crypto.


interesting! :slight_smile: can you tell us, what did you need to do in 2009 to get bitcoin? i assume it was not that simple…


I could not get my hands on it. in 2009 I think the only ones that could were cryptographers and those programers close to Satoshi Nakamoto


So when was the first time normal people were able to buy BTC? This is quite interesting to me as a newbie.


I don’t know as I am abnormal ;however, Mining on your desktop was possible in 2010 I think it got easier to get in 2013. Mt Gox I had several accounts that were locked and the exchanges would not reopen my accounts… I have had more Bitcoin lost and stolen from me than most people would ever own in a life time.
There is a great Story on the subject here:

on the early days.


That is a great article and has only made me more excited about ETN, there are mirror images there. Shame payday is four days away I have a sudden attack of FOMO!


Yes we all should be very excited. This project as far as crypto currency goes and mass adoption I have seen nothing like it and I have been watching this space for a long time. ETN will displace BTC in just a few years. This next year, just as in the current, year you will see many attempts to copy cat by other coins that already exist. It seems there are too many projects that follow the hype bending there path with what is new and hip at the moment and don’t deliver. ETN’s time is now. Like I said be very excited and get your family involved. Give it generously to every one you come in to contact with.


cmon, let us know :))

We need more people here :slight_smile: