At Which Year and Stage Did You Enter Crypto?


I just started this thread just to see when did most of the people enter crypto space :slight_smile:

Have a look at this chart and give a comment at which stage and year :wink:

Me personally
DEC 2017-Greed

…and still hodling :stuck_out_tongue:

lets begin :wink:

Also dont forget to chech the entry year in this pool :slight_smile:

  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018

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The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

April this year, seems it was a great time to get in with low prices, it’s been a steep learning curve getting to grips with exchanges and the like, I even built a couple of mining computers. That was fun as I’d never even opened a tower before! Shame GPU mining isn’t profitable these days…as I said learning curve. Great to be in this with all you guys. I’ve been slowly accruing a bit and holding for the future although at times I like to send some ETN here and there. Great idea for a thread by the way.


February 2018 for me. Somewhere between New Paradigm and Denial I’d say.
I am making my first go at early retirement and needed something to do. It’s been fun. It’s been painful. It’s taught me a lot.
As a newcomer to the crypto space I was amazed at one project after another with near total nonsense for a business model. I include many of the much higher ranked coins in this club. Worth nothing except as a store of value. Electroneum is a project that just makes sense to me.
I hope that crypto in general is in the Despair phase. I think that etn is ahead of the curve and climbing.


I found Electroneum around April while browsing different coins and their projects and what they are accomplishing in the "fear"stage I would say. Electroneum proved to me why they’re worth it. I now am very dedicated to Electroneum and proud to be a part of this community.
Awesome thread idea!


Great choice of Topic.
December…started my research.
Spent many frustrating weeks trying to sort out the Rocks from the Diamonds…The facts from the endless rainbows of dreams.
Six weeks waiting on verification, Identification checks and so on to be processed with the multitudes of new applications that completely overwhelmed the exchange websites.
Finally I was ready to invest at ,lets just say a high point in the market!
I made all the wrong mistakes that a lot of us who are new to the Cryptosphere make.
I traded a lot.
Acted impulsively and compulsively at times not listening to good advice…or bad advice…for the most part not even following my own intuition.
I made a lot…I lost a lot…I found a suppprt level.
I never ever lost the faith in the whole idea of crypto.
The more my portfolio dwindled at times, the harder Id laugh and the more I’d smile.
I knew, as do many of us here ,that this is crypto…
Anything CAN happen if you believe and if you try.
The more you try, the more likely it WILL happen.
You win , You learn but you Never lose.
If you have gained knowledge through experience,
Your a truly wealthy Individual indeed.


I am now one year in crypto. With ETN this is my story.:joy:


I got the app as soon as I could and fired it up. Transferred all of my mobile mining proceeds into coinbene when we got on there (just to test the waters… Total weary crypto Noob here) and then was able to make my first purchase at the despair dip!! 90sats. I bought about a fifth of my haul then and then any dip I could since then. I haven’t paid more than 291sats for my coins and my average price for about a half million coins was 2.3 Canadian cents.

I just wish I didn’t blow my load… Prices are soooooo sweet now.


July 2017 because of an old friend who gave me some worthless coin. Very excited. So I looked deeper into the rabbit hole. Found Electroneum September 2017. Been hooked ever since. I dabbled in other coins but realized the Electroneum is special. Excellent team. Good hearted leader. Richard Ells CEO. Started mining on day 1. October 31 at 5:30 pm.

Cut my teeth on GPU rig mining this last year. This experience helped me confirm that ETN is the sweet spot for the future. Once you have mined all these other beginner coins and block chains and have kept tabs on there telegram chats and social media you realize that these guys don’t hold a candle to What electroneum is doing. These smaller startup coins are just figuring out their own technology in many cases or if they know their Tech well then they don’t seem to know how to Market very well outside of the 1% audience.

There’s a lot of techie blockchain geek brilliant people out there. But that’s just the 1% who started this glorious blockchain trend. Electroneum is for the 99%. This is what attracted me to stay with electroneum.


2017 dec started to feel I should have a crypto investment. In jan 2018 I found the etn project and for me it is the only one which purpose feels real. I don’t understan other coins purpose or they don’t feel real to me.
I was mininig with xmr-stak before the ASIC came. I made 30-50 etn a day with my PC. Now I noticed that winminer has an option to put mining results straight to Cryptopia in btc so I can trade it there for etn. Now I’m back to mining about 12ksat a day which is 50-60 etn/day. I also do mobile mining and buying on exchanges


This year
New paradign:pleading_face:


Looks like year 2017 brought a lot attention! :slight_smile: Where are our veterans from 2015 or early? :wink:
Bring it on! :wink:

The Fight the ETN Dump Club Here while M-Kid is Away Thread

I would say i ‘entered’ in 2017, if this thing goes this high on relatively few people in the world… then when mass…
Despite i had 2011 Btc, lost in time, family, work, i followed barerly, thinking this will fade soon. Started buy and follow more in 2017, entered hard 2018. Also with mining.
Searching in new coins, i needed to see past all the tech talk, and all from nerds. Thinking regular people gives a shit in how it function, and they fall off in the first difficult word you use. The mass will never enter crypto on the nerdy way, reading about, going deep. Etc,
So i searched into coins, looking for that thing that can make crypto to the stage of mass. Easy, or whithout people really know its crypto, or give a shit its crypto, its just a advantage to use. Guess what i found.?:grin::grin:


I first heard of this weird digital money thing called bitcoin sometime in the year 2009 or 2010 when it was fresh on the market. Brushed it off as some wacky online trend :flushed:
Then a friend mentioned it in January 2017, sounded more interesting but I didn’t buy in. Wasn’t until Early August 2017, I must have had a dream because (not a word of a lie) I woke up chanting bitcoin :joy: took me 2 days but I didn’t rest until I worked out how to buy bitcoin! I think btc was worth about 3k more than in January so when that same friend told me about ETN, I jumped on it the same day haha wasn’t about to make the same mistake!

I got in to other coins as well but my love affair with ETN started in September 2017 and has only gotten stronger by the day :kissing_heart::sparkles::zap::purple_heart::zap:


Now I noticed that winminer has an option to put mining results straight to Cryptopia in btc so I can trade it there for etn. Now I’m back to mining about 12ksat a day which is 50-60 etn/day. I also do mobile mining and buying on exchanges


It should be noted that time becomes warped when you’re into crypto; days feel like weeks, weeks feel like months, months feel like years and sometimes hours feel like days :joy: I feel like I’ve been in crypto for at least a decade!


Hi everyone. I’ve started to read something about ETN in the end of 2017, when the project wasn’t still born. I’ve missed the ICO because i’ve forgotten it. Officially i’ve started in september with the mining app when it was (SIGH! :weary:) at .018€ spending a little bunch of money and buying much more some weeks later at .019.


Etn ico , fell in love with the idea of this coin. Still following and will hodl for a very long time… this will hopefully make my children comfortable and away from debt slavery…


Damn politicians… Isn’t right that our son are born with 20K of a debt they haven’t did…


That’s for another thread lol us Vs the world hahaha


Wow @Tanwax is true veteran! beeing in in crypto since 2009 must feel good :slight_smile: