ASIC miners point of view


All I ever see is speculation about what ASIC miners intend to do with their ETN, everyone says they sell sell sell.

Is there actually any ASIC miners out there to tell us what you are doing with your ETN and why? I for one and I know many others would appreciate an insight into how you guys actually operate.

Crypto seems to be 90% pure speculation so would be nice to have some facts for once.

Cheers big up ETN


I have 50 asic miners mining around 25k ETN a day, not selling any and paying for the cost out of my pocket for electicity. I plan on holding the coins I mine for at least 5 years or longer and will be running these asic miners till they don’t run any more.

I'm curious to know

Whale in sight…:slight_smile:
50 asic miners, nice!


You mention you have millions of ETN regularly on here and now you say you have 50 ASIC machines mining ETN. Pretty sure you have more faith in ETN than Richard Ells :joy::joy:


He runs his own pool. :smiley:


Its posts like this that make my ETN haul seem like a pea size amount :sob:


Well the price is dropping like a brick, everyone should have millions of Electroneum in their bags soon! :wink:


Everyone seems kinda strong word to use for millions but hey who knows…


If Btc decides to take a real dump it would not surprise me if you can get 1 million ETN for $1000usd.


You say $1000 like its not alot of money, Im in the wrong job clearly :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not a lot of money if you are getting 1 million ETN! Lol


I have 5 X3s and I accumulate all the coins I’m mining. I’m paying for electricity with my other miners (ETH and XMR). I’m not selling till the price goes up to it’s full potential and only to achieve ROI.


I have a few ASIC miners and I’m hodling, baby!


I also have 9 ASIC miners mining ETN. I pay for electrical costs with part of the mined ETN, and what’s left im holding on to. So my wallet is growing and I’m not adding FIAT money to pay for mining costs. I pay industrial prices for power, so roughly said i get to keep about 70-75% of the mining profits.


I have 1 asic I bought New from eBay for 1k when the announcement was made that we were forking back to asic friendly algo. In the beginning I was average~ 1k coins/day, since hash rate increased with difficulty, it’s down to~ 500 coins/day. I’m holding all I earn, I’m a believer :+1:


You’re a real whale!


I have 1 asic miner, and mine the most profitable coin from and then sell them, and buy etn. Keeps me bussy and make me think i have to do something for the money :wink:


Out of love today 534000 Squirrel


So after a little search i found this website.
I use it to find a good coin to mine, and when i got some, i change them to ETN.

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