ASIC Miner advice please peeps

Hi ETN Community,
I have been a believer in ETN since the ICO. I used to cpu / gpu mine ETN before the change to ASIC. I would now like to start mining again however my knowledge of ASIC mining is very basic. Can any of you experienced people point me in the right direction regarding what ASIC miner to purchase? Any help would be greatly received

No one can offer any advice?

I only have a GPU rig. After the fork I started mining ASIC resistant coins and changing them to ETN on an exchange.

If you want to buy an ASIC to mine ETN then you can use any that is designed to mine using the CryptoNight algorithm. Which one depends on your budget. The Antminer X3 is excellent, but pricey.

Here’s a good article for more info.

thank you @Joe90 much appreciated