As I lay here stuck in bed ... again


So today I had to do a few things in the garden nothing to much , we had a new mattress the other day and the company wanted £40 to take the old one away I said no thanks I’ll sort it.
I’ll put it on the roof and take it to the skip no worries , it isn’t gonna rain clear night , I’ll cover it in plastic just incase…

So ! it rained during the night soaked the mattress through because the wind blew the plastic cover off it ( cheers for that )
It weighed an absolute tonne … so I rang council to collect it £18 ok do it I said ( person on the phone says is it wet ( :rage: )
Yes it’s soaked , sorry we can’t take it if it’s wet as it’s too heavy , health and safety …

I explained I have bad hips back etc , nope no joy.
Scrap man wanted £20 - nope
Too heavy to lift onto the car …

Anyway long story short , I stripped it down , using a knife ,drained most of the water out it was soaked bagged the fabrics up got to the metal frame happy days … headphones on boogy time …

So I had a cool idea to speed things up . I decided to get the grinder to cut the metal inner part up , yup you guessed it … busted disc ( ironic hahhaa )… Oh well ill replace it I know I have spares , can’t find them or the tool to remove the broken disc arrrrrrrggggg calm down count to 10!!! , so snips it is , bit by bit , clips springs hand saw to cut the metal outer bar up…getting tired and sore


I get to the last part and I mean the last part , by this time I’m very sore and getting annoyed … Then pop goes my lower back . Instant karma , my god damn prolapsed disc pops out again and boom I’m on the deck in agony , not amused at all …
so the wife turns up from work helps me up after 30 mins lying on the floor twisting like an idiot and we finally take the remains of the mattress to the tip ( 2 flipping trips :hot_face: ) the air was blue. ( I should of just paid the man in the first place , instead of being a tight wad )

So the moral of this story is …


Pay the beep beep beep beeping money and let someone else deal with it… it’s not worth the hassle


You never know what is round the corner , so the same goes for all coins , tokens etc , keep hodling don’t sell until you are ready ! Think before you do it , don’t rush in . Ignore the f.u.d

Markets rise and markets fall it’s a rollercoaster ride and it’s great fun . Some days we win some we lose . But we lose together.,…

Same goes for life , it’s way way too short enjoy it the best you can . Even in the bad times …

Plus I’ve just realised

I’ve been here :100: days !!! Woohoo …

Sorry for the long winded story but I hope it helps someone someday and maybe even remind myself hahahhahaha . Plus I’m bored out of my brain as the sky box upstairs is goosed too !!! And they want £140 to repair their dish ( they can … … . . . )

I have a good book to read so I’ll take my time , slow down and lay back and heal hopefully before Xmas … The last time this happened it was 6 weeks before I left the house … …


Hahaha fantastic read dude.
You get a great badge for 100 days of dedication.


I like the moral of the story :joy:. Thanks for sharing, hope you feel better soon!


Thankyou , I laugh at my own expense you have too lol thanks for the love and squirrels


Should have offered the Scrap man 1000ETN explaining that they will be worth a small fortune in a few Years Chris. You would have saved Money since 1000 ETN is about £5 and your back would have thanked you for it too. :slight_smile: +1 more person interested in ETN as a bonus.


I wouldn’t want to turn out like the BTC pizza guy hahaha


I’ml oyal fun too


This would have turned out to be the most expensive dump run in history and you would be here in 10 years telling us how you paid someone 1000 ETN to do it and how you lost $1,000,000.00 for it.