Are there any recommended exchanges?



I’m curious which of the current exchanges people would recommend for trading ETN?

Historically I’ve been using Cryptopia and it’s been fairly straightforward to use - but I find it worryingly unstable (500 errors) and slow at times. I also worry that in the event of significant earnings, the transfer limits might be quite restrictive.

Any thoughts? Thanks.


Cryptopia seems to be the cheapest way to buy ETN based on volume so that’s why I would use it. None of the platforms is perfect really.


I personally prefer kucoin as it’s interface is very smooth on pc and mobile.
It also has decent volume, but it’s occassionally slow enough to catch the dips and peaks (buy low, sell high)

Cryptopia also has a bad habit of taking 5 hours to send/receive right when you really need a trade


Kucoin or TradeOgre work well for me! TradeOgre has tiny Withdrawal fees and is always very fast when sending from Exchange to Wallet (Under 20 mins) and costs less than 5p in fees. Cryptopia is much more! Kucoin has the nicest UI out of all the Exchanges that ive seen, while their withdrawal fees are low… it’s not as low as TradeOgre.


Absolutely Kucoin Exchange


Thanks for the responses. I took some time last night to look at some of the options.

I was not aware there was such variance in fees, that’s a bit of an eye opener. I was also surprised how bad some of the KYC processes are - a lot of them require you to email personal details insecurely and that’s a security red flag to me. Finally I started to think that maybe you’ve just got to go where the volume of ETN goes.

I think I will stick with Cryptopia and maybe look at a secondary account at Kucoin.