Are fully privacy coins going to be ban in the future by governments?

I’m wondering if fully privacy coins like Monero, Dash and now this new one call Apollo currency are going to be ban by governments in the future.

Would like to read yours opinions.

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They can ban them but not shut them down.

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My point still stands. It’s not the same as shutting them down. It’s banning them. The internet and its applications live on.


Why? The same merit still stands with the benefits of a privacy coin. It’s inherent. However, banning does place a risk premium.

I think there’s a huge risk for privacy coins like Monero, Dash and now this new one…Apollo. I’m glad that ETN remove some of the privacy features, so it cannot be a target (hopefully).

Also I remember some exchanges in Japan, ban Monero if I’m not mistaken.

Anyway, yeah they cannot shut them down but as long as government has the power and not the people, privacy coins are at risk.

The only way could work would be if millions of people ignore the ban and create their own ecosystem around this coins.

When Distributed exchanges go online the government cant do anything , distributed exchanges are the governments worst nightmare !

What do you mean with “distributed exchanges”? Are you referring to decentralizes exchanges?

no not decentralized exchanges lol , distributed is an entirely different word

I know that bro, I just never heard before of a distributed exchange so I thought you were confuse.

Anyway, do you know where can I read more about this please?

It’s possible bro,I want it to be implemented afap