App Updates and Feature Ideas


Idea: Improved search functionality in app and sorting features

  1. Search Tx Hash, address, amount

  2. Sort Recieved, Sent, Import

Bonus: be cool to know if offline wallet ever imported or balance amount from within app


@CryptoBandogge thanks for this it’s greatly appreciated and i’ll make sure that Dev Team see this :slight_smile:


When I’m eating out with friends, we sometimes split the bill amongst us using Electroneum. It would be really helpful to either have a list of contacts option within the Electroneum app or connect a phone number with your address to send through your phone’s contacts like WhatsApp.


Yes I suggested this in another thread think its a good idea too.


Now I use some app witch notify me about update and they add there link to follow us. We have over 1 000 000 downloads but only about 150k of follow at Twitter or Facebook… So maybe this help to us…