App Update but no wallet yet


I updated the app but the wallet is not ready yet


Yes they posted in facebook they are still working on it.


it looks pretty slick - updated here too :slight_smile:


my wallet is updated already


mine still says try again later


Its up now but PAY not working yet.


pay not working yet, says try again later. no sign of Yoti dependence either


The Android updates only list the following updated features:

  • Faster wallet refresh
  • Ability to generate a QR code with a specific ETN amount
  • Additional currencies
  • Calculator improvements
  • Notifications improvements
  • Translations updates
  • Small bug fixes

And yet, the Wallet tab says it is being migrated to the new Instant Payments System.

I guess the beta release of the Instant Payment System won’t be as visible in the app than it will be on the vendor side. The biggest change is happening behind the scenes on the API, and features for vendors to see that a payment has been processed instantly. Users on the app will probably only get a new type of notification showing an instant payment was done.

Instant payments between two app users will probably only come later when the beta testing has been completed with vendors.

Instant Payment Notifications

That’s too bad, I feel like it would have really made an impact to have instant user payments which anyone could test out.


They said on their twitter to completely close the app and reopen it and the wallet will sync


i had to reboot my phone


Is your problem solved already? My wallet is still migrating. On the app and desktop.


i did, but nothing happens