App update beta testers

Just an idea…
I have noticed several other app developers offering this to communities .

This is a perfect opportunity for electroneum
To help solve any future app release issues would it be a good idea to have beta testers for the app.

Obviously they would sign an n.d.c to save anything being released but it could help in the long run
@Rach @MSystem @ETNCEO

I would love to take part in beta testing.

You could sign people up from different android iOS phones etc…

And any issues found reported via the support ticket . Create a new section entitled app beta tester…


Comments or additional ideas would be great thanks…


I’m also a beta tester for Microsoft xbox . alpha insider which is the top tier x

Rank 1809…


Count me in :)) hehe


But they started to do this just before cloud mining and then nothing pushed to Test Flight since.

I’d be happy to beta test stuff before general release. I used to do it for iOS and macOS


If we show were would like to do it. Then it might happen
Plus it can take some stress off the team .
We would check it out for them
Report any glitches errors etc .

For free…

Edit to add

Vote then the team will see were keen on helping test…

If you are found out to release data me personally I would close accounts including wallets.

Your loss…


Where do I sign? :nerd_face:

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Not sure if it’s necessary, they are able to pick up on bugs fairly quickly. 4.0.4 coming soon anyway. :slight_smile:

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First line…


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