App mining only when display is on


I have this problem that app is mining only when display is on (10 min). When app in background it is not mining. Tried to uninstalled and everything but problem still there…any sugestions?


I have and whole Czech and Slovak group say the same. Every hour it add you about 0.20 ETN. But if you have miner at the background (you go sleep) it adds you for this period too only 0.20 or sometimes 0.40… But not 8*0.20 like some people include me want…
Its bug we see this behavior from the last update or after the instant payment…


Have you checked the battery settings to keep the electroneum app in the background alive?



This is your problem…


Have the same problem after updating to Android 8.0 with the latest update of Electroneum app 2.6.3

I don’t remember it doing this with Android 7.1

Now, when I leave the app open mining then close the screen and go to sleep, I wake up in the morning, unlock the phone and notice it add only ~0.22 ( earning of 1 hour only )

And yes , I allow Electroneum to work in the background in Battery Settings

[Update] : The new update 2.6.5 fixed the problem for me :+1:t3:


Okay, i only see that the mining goes very slow, now it takes 4 days to mine 10 Etn… before it takes 2 days


There is also a data saver option.

Either add etn to it, or disable data saving
Otherwise your internet shuts down when the phone sleeps.


Here a screenshot of my settings
I also have running android 8.0.0 and App Version 2.6.3


I have the same problem and I have tried everything… I left it coz I am sure there will be an update soon with regard to cloud mining…


Data Saver is disabled … And I allowed the app to run in the background even when Data Saver is ON

Anyways, I’m waiting for the Cloud Mining update that will definitely solve problems like that

[Update] : The new update 2.6.5 fixed the problem for me :+1:t3:


I see that I am not the only one with that problem. So I think this is a thing for developers to make some updates.


Oreo the killer of mining etn lol , same here still works but runs slower than before .
I used to get 38hash now 30 .

I know it’s just an airdrop but it’s funny how one update can screw things up


I have the same issue.
It is needed to open the application every hour to get a payment (0.2-0.24 ETN).


So I guess we are doomed untill next Aindroid update