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how do I prevent the app from logging out while collecting rewards? It used to stay loggen in but after 1.5 years I have been using it on the same phone now I am logged out everytime I activate it.

The phone doesnt need to be logged in to get rewards @user2180 .

You just need to make sure you refresh the rewards enabler at least once a week…other than that, the app only needs to be on when you need for using the wallet or buying top-ups! :+1:

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Not at all, if I leave it I get no rewards although the app is on.

And I must extend the period every day not once a week

That’s not how it works.

Refresh once per week is all thats needed. You get rewards if app is not active.

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If so then why there is a flashign button “Extend” after 24 hours?

Because you can extend the 7 days after 24 hours… i.e. reset the timer to 7 days again.

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OK I dont believe it but I will try. I will leave the app on for several days and check if rewards are added. It is definitely misleading…

Click extend. Turn off your app, and check after a few days. The rewards will have 5 days left (which you can extend back to 7 days by pressing EXTEND) and you will have gained 2 days of rewards.

That’s how it works mate :wink:


So the airdrop does not check up time at all? Each account gets it for 7 days and then must log in and extend, right? The number “Active users” is people who extend at least once a week?

Indeed, the number of Active Users are the number of people who have remembered to click the extend button before the 7 days ran out.

That’s why there are millions of users but only 5-10% of people getting the free ETN. Rewards are there to encourage people to get involved, and use the app…hence needing to extend.


also the app notifies you near the 7th day to extend getting rewards

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