App doesn't work via Bluetooth tethering


I am using two smartphones for some reason; one is host of mobile data and another is client tethered via Bluetooth. I’d like to use the Electroneum app on the client rather than the host because:

  • I want to save the the host’s battery.
  • the client is more powerful so more hashrate.

But the app won’t connect to the Electroneum server via Bluetooth. The error message ‘You are offline - Please connect to the Internet and reload the app’ when the app is opened or ‘You Are Offline - Please check your internet connection and try again’ while the app is already running then I switched to Bluetooth tethering.
So I can use any other online services via Bluetooth but not Electroneum app. Wi-Fi tethering can do but I cannot save the host’s battery. Is there any reason Bluetooth tethering is not allowed? I can use the Reddit app or watch YouTube videos in 144p via Bluetooth and think I should be able to use the Electroneum app too.


Bluetooth is not available on the miner app , so no you can’t use that sorry.


I have not said I use the ETN app on two smartphones. I just wanted to use the app on one phone with Bluetooth tethering, but now I see the app doesn’t support it so thank you for your reply.


Yeah I misread your post , woops . Sorry … I’ll amend my reply