App Crash on Google Pie update


It literally is crashing every 20 minutes, I gave up on trying to keep it running


I had been having the same issues, I think it’s down to the update monitoring app usage, apparently over time the software acknowledges how you use apps and behaves accordingly the app has stayed open for me from yesterday up until the update. I could be wrong, stick with it though!


Wait patiently for a stable version!:eyes:


Don’t worry @ef813398e260a8533d50 and @wTz1 as far as i know they are working on cloud mining and such and on a better system so that the app doesn’t crash that often and that the app will keep running the only thing you have to do then is just check in once in a while as far as i know and then the coins will be airdropped trough the cloud to you it will be a more stable version and then they can also most likely release it on IOS :wink: