API for general app implementation



So like one week ago, I’ve suggested to add an API for general app implementation in the customer support.

That was the idea more or less:

So would it be possible to publish an API to make it possible to mine electroneum virtually on mobile devices?

An app would implement this api to use it as a revenue model, instead of things like ads.

So, the app would ask the user if he/she wants to enable virtual mining in the background, explaining the very good advantages of being simulated (like no device damage).

This is a similar idea to the now defunct opacity, but in this case, because of mining being virtual, everyone in the end would be happy.

Something like what the official electroneum app does, but making it officially viable for anyone to use.

That would be an ethical way of mining, leaving everyone happy, because of no ads.

So, someone from the customer support told me:

Many thanks for getting in contact. It certainly sounds interesting. I have passed your information onto the relevant team.

Many thanks for getting in contact and for your support.

So, was it discussed? Any news?