Api for account transactions

Hello I am wondering when will we get an api for my.electroneum wallet? Api would help make transactions automatic and deposits automatic for faucets or similar websites that is helping attract thousands of people to keep using eletroneum.

You have asked a very valid question here.

I strongly believe we’ll get all the necessary tools in our disposal from the Electroneum team. We just need to be patient as everything takes time to develop and Electroneum team like every other team does not have unlimited resources.

That’s why they have a roadmap which is extremely important to guide them on the way as they can’t focuse on everything at the same time.

Electroneum as a cryptocurrency and as a registered company is still on their infancy, they have not even submitted their first accounts to the companies house in the UK.

Regardless of the above, I strongly believe they are on the right track and as long as the team stays focused the future of the company and their cryptocurrency will be bright.

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