AnyTask Seo Problems

I want to state from the start that I don’t want to criticize the AnyTask project even if I sound harsh…
If it makes you feel better, you can consider this a small SEO Audit, although a single person can’t perform an efficient one.
I will not waste time with small SEO issues, and I will try to explain to the best of my abilities, so hopefully, everybody can understand.
I consider that SEO is the engine of AnyTask, and AnyTask is the engine of Electroneum, so it is in our best interest that Anytask become a huge success.
I hope that someone else will get involved in spotting issues for the Anytask Team.
P.S. Admin, please don’t close this Topic because I will keep updating it

Number 1 ( Lvl 4 out of 10)
Not using canonical urls
This not entirely true because AnyTask is using it but only for the main page.
Someone missed the most important part: Using it on category and pages !

Canonical tags are great for organizing your content and prioritizing one web page over a duplicate web page.
But Anytask doesn’t have duplicate web pages!
Actually it does.
Because we are using the same in-site formula as Fiverr we will end with the same issues:
Anytime you pick on of these another url variation of the original url is created.
Screenshot_2020-10-21 Get the brand recognition your company deserves
Screen Shot 10-21-20 at 02.47 PM 001 Screen Shot 10-21-20 at 02.47 PM
As you can see for the same category page we have a few instances.

Let us ask Google

As you can see for the same url Google indexed 2 instances.
We cant control how many variations of the same url Google will index but we can tell Google what is the url we are trying to rank for.
Not going to explain all the small SEO issue that not using canonical url creates but i will explain this:
Because we are not using it Google sees different categories for every actual category on Anytask.
Using canonical url’s “merge” two or more pages(url) into one, from Google perspective.

Moving to Fiverr

As you can see for the same url Fiverr has a lot of url instances indexed in Google.
This is not a problem for Fiverr because they are using canonical url the right way and we are not.

Fixing it.
Add the canonical tag in Anytask html code for pages and categories

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Number 2 ( Lvl 8 out of 10)
Making the site not relevant

Understanding the base of SEO

You search for the term “cat” and Google delivers the results for the term “cat.”

But there is the catch:

For Google to deliver the results for the term "cat, the top results should be 100% relevant(or close) for the term “cat.”

It seems easy, but this is the point when most SEO people mess things up.

Relevance plays the number one role in SEO, and it makes sense:

If you search for the City of London, you don’t want Paris or another city showing up.

Any drop in Relevance is a big drop in rankings.

Let’s move to AnyTask and see how this plays out.

We go to “Portraits Caricatures, Cartoons " and after scrolling down a bit, we see the first issue.
A WordPress site(I will develop normal wordpress site for you”>)

in the "Portraits Caricatures, Cartoons "

You might think this is not a big issue. After all, it’s still a task, and it’s available for sale, but Google it’s going to slap your site hard for this one.

Think about it this way:

You have a restaurant site(AnyTask), and you are selling different kinds of foods, and one of your categories it’s Pizza("Portraits Caricatures, Cartoons "). You have a variety of pizzas for sale in this category:

Cheese Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza , and out of the blue an Apple Pie(I will develop normal wordpress site for you">).

We don’t know who put the Apple Pie in the Pizza category, and we don’t care :slight_smile: but that Apple Pie lowers the relevancy for the Pizza category hurting its rankings, but it does more than that:

It also hurts every pizza page from the Pizza category from ranking accordingly by diminishing relevancy. That Cheese Pizza it’s not going to rank adequately in Google.

It’s like having a beautiful house but a bad neighbor that anybody knows about. You are not going to sell your house for a good price.

That Apple Pie from the Pizza category will also hurt the Pie category(Website Builders & CMS)…Google will think that the Pie category is not so relevant because we have pies available in other places on our site.

Why is Google going to penalize your site only for an “Apple Pie” in the wrong place here and there?

Because of the competition. Competition doesn’t have “Apple Pies” spread all over their site. AnyTask it’s not the only freelancer site on the Web.

Google factor “Time on-site” it’s also affected by this one because someone who is searching for Pizzas will spend less time on average if there are apple pies(irrelevant pages) in the mix.

If you search the AnyTask site, you will see that every category is plagued by this problem , having task pages that are not relevant or partially relevant.

Fixing it

  1. Train the people who are accepting the task to accept them only in the relevant categories. This will stop the flow.

  2. Move every page to the corresponding category.

What about the partially relevant pages?

Like this one.

It’s ok to have many skills, but it’s not ok to list them all in one page.
These pages are as bad as the irrelevant ones.
Fixing it

  1. Make a list of url’s of the problematic pages.
  2. Send a message to every seller asking them to create a different page for every skill they have and want to sell on AnyTask and also ask them to delete the current ones when they have done that.
  3. Add a “no follow” tag to each of these pages. The “no follow” tag is basically a notice sign for search engines saying, “don’t count this.” More on this later.
  4. Deindex all URL’s(number 1 from our list ) in Google.

These pages will still be available for the end-user to see and buy tasks, but in the long run, the AnyTask webmaster should get rid of them entirely.

It’s the webmaster’s choice if he/she wants to delete them now. I personally will wait a couple of months, giving time to sellers to create their new tasks in relevant categories in and after that delete them all…thus increasing the time-on-site factor.

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Number 3 ( Lvl 10 out of 10 Critical )

Not using the “no follow” Html attribute.

Here we can see two pictures of the same category:
One from Anytask and one from Fiverr

Not going to talk about the design.
From an SEO perspective, everything looks fine on both sites when you look with the naked eye.
I press F12, then Ctrl+Shift+C, and start digging… works for Firefox!
And after a while, I spotted the issue.

What are you looking at?

You are looking at the fact that Seller Links from Fiverr are “nofollow” and ours are not.

To better see this, we will install a plugin called Seo Quake and check the Highlight no-follow box… this will strike a line through every no-follow link in the Fiverr site.

We can see that all seller links are “no follow” and “Become a Seller” is also “no follow.”

Note: As a rule, I always add a “no follow” tag to all my irrelevant pages.

Pages like: About us, Disclosure, Contact us, etc… because I want to keep the site as relevant as possible. This is why the Fiverr SEO team added a “no follow” tag to “Become a Seller.”

“no follow” tag should be applied to " Why Become a Seller" and “Power by Electroneum” from the footer on Anytask.

"nofollow " links are links that do not influence the search engine rankings because search engine bots don’t follow these links and don’t index the content on these pages. In other words, the links are invisible to Google .

A bit of translation for everybody:

<a.> tag(without the dot) is commonly used in HTML to define a URL/link

"rel " comes from “relationship”

The rel attribute specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document or resource.

noopener effectively tells the browser to open a link in a new tab

noopener attribute makes the internet browser to open the link without granting the new browsing context access to the document that opened it. I know that this attribute prevents the attacks from viruses and other threats but couldn’t tell more about it… this attribute is SEO neutral.

noreffer attribute makes what noopener does and prevents the browser, when you navigate to another page, to send the referring webpage’s address.

When users click on a “noreffer” link, you will not be able to tell where did those users come from. In Google Analytics, this will appear as direct traffic, not as a referral.

noopener and norreffer are usually used together, and they provide an indirect SEO value because when you click the seller name on Fiverr, you will get another window opened in your browser from the one you are currently on…so page A remains open all the time you are looking at page B thus increasing the time spent on page A.
This is a small Seo issue…I mentioned it since we are here.

Because "no follow" links are “invisible” to Search Engines, here’s how Google is “seeing” the Fiverr page Portraits & Caricatures:

And here how Google is “seeing” the AnyTask Portraits Caricatures, Cartoons:

In case you missed it, we have sellers links in every category that are competing with the task links *, thus decreasing relevancy for every task available.
This problem prevents every page, category, or whatever from ranking.
Fixing this issue is critical !

Big problem easy fix.

  1. Add a noopener, noreferrer, and nofollow attribute to every seller page. Same as Fiverr… better to use a script or plugin that will add these attributes automatically when a new seller page is created.

  2. Deindex all seller pages in Google

I say to deindex all pages in Google after adding a “nofollow” tag because even if Google deindex them all with time after adding the nofollow tag, for a big site like ours, this might take something like 6 months and in this time, these pages will gonna do “damage.”


When I used to create websites I also liked using “favicon’s”. You don’t see them much anymore, but they sure look cool imo. It could be the little etn lighting bolt.

To be honest the fact that Anytask is not using a favicon it’s insignificant.
Anytask has other issues that are preventing ranking… AnyTask cant rank in the current state.

True. I hope they will read this thread and listen to the issues you have found

@Plankton can you please have the team look at the issues that @s7ryker has found. And see if they can fix them


Number 4 ( Lvl 11 out of 10 Only on AnyTask )

when it rains, it pours

AnyTask is revolutionizing the SEO world by creating problems that none will ever think that are possible.
If you search 10000 random sites you will not find one with this issue.

This issue is related to number 3, but I decided we should talk about it separately because of the severity of SEO problems it creates.

Because the “no follow” attribute is not used for seller pages, sellers pages are being treated as categories by Search Engines.

This is as bad as it sounds, so I repeat it:

Seller Pages and Categories are “fighting” each other for rankings

and because of this, none of them are ranking well, and they will never rank.

This is the main reason we have only a small number of keywords in the top 10, even if those keywords are the lowest competition level possible.

I’m going to use Semrush to show this in “action.” by looking at the Gigblast seller page from both sites.


This page is from January 2013, and it ranks for only a couple of keywords.
13 worldwide, 6 in US

It is perfectly normal that a page that is not index in Google to rank for a few keywords, especially an old one.


189 worldwide, 52 in US

All these keywords are “being stolen” from AnyTask categories, and this page is “fighting” with a few categories.
The longer the problem persists, the worst it’s going to get, and because this issue impacts the categories, it also impacts the pages from inside those categories. In other words, every page on our site gets a low rank.

Fixing this problem

If you fix number 3, you will also fix this.

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How much traffic and money is AnyTask losing right now because of these issues. ?

Hard question, but I will try to estimate

Looking at the backlink profile, age of our site, the number of tasks, and other metrics, I dare to say that right now, we are “losing” 30000-40000 in organic traffic and 4k-7k USD in revenue every month.( I am conservative with this one).

@TanyaElectroneum, please talk to whoever you need to talk to and make a priority to perform an SEO audit for AnyTask and solve these problems and others they might find because every promotion AnyTask is making and every backlink the site acquires it’s not going to impact the organic traffic.

AnyTask needs stellar SEO to reach 5 mil USD per year in 12 months, which will not be possible with these problems.

I am aware that AnyTask is in the Minimum Viable Product stage. Still, On-Site Seo should be the next priority, and after that, the marketing campaign and not the other way around if we are to expect good results.

To summarize: AnyTask Seo is like a dysfunctional Wild Wild West…

The barman is serving poisoned whiskey to clients; the sheriff is gunning the good guys, and the town is on fire.

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Although the number of pages of Anytask is increasing day by day the number of keywords is going down

The number of backlinks is increasing but because of the site SEO problems, we will not gain organic traffic.

In the meantime, SEO Fiverr team managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat by fixing small SEO issues and creating new categories, and joggling with the old ones.

And yes you are seeing right. They managed to add 1 million in organic traffic
and after that they gained another 500k, because why not.

Not financial advice but if you are into stocks
I expect Fiverr stocks to increase in value over the next year. because this amount of traffic will turn into cash revenue.


@BegaMutex can you please make sure the team is aware of the seo concerns. Thanks

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