AnyTask Refferal sistem

Refferal sistem would help anytask to grow much faster because many blog or site owners will start to promote anytask.

I think this is a good idea. In Richard’s Bad Crypto Podcast interview he said it costs about $25 to onboard someone via paid advertising.

Paying someone $5 in etn for referring someone (subject to certain conditions being met) could be a good thing.

(As long as setting up a referral system isn’t too complex!!)


I agree, the referral system did wonders for the mobile app/ miner. This might pair nicely with the ad campaigns rolling out, and hopefully a flood of new buyers.

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Its a decent idea and hopefully could be inplenated in the future

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with these new ads the people will flow into anytask

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We will see :wink: hopefully yes they will :+1:

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I think this is a great idea. Referrals will drive growth by providing an incentive for organic growth to occur. For example, if I know that I can earn by referring people to AnyTask, I will be willing to put in more effort to reach people and convince them to come to the platform. At scale, this will result in much faster growth.

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