AnyTask is Down?

Hello guys, I want to know from other AnyTask users and sellers about recent issues because the website has many services stopped working :
1-Payments doesn’t arrive to the wallet after the tasks are approved since 7 days!
2-Email service stoped working: I have not received any emails about new messages and orders from clients like before!
3-Tasks doesn’t get approved after a modification, it’s always said (declined) and the reason is always: Ok (Watch the screenshot)

-I have contacted the team about the payments problems, I want to know if anyone else has the same problems

Haven’t had any other reports here in the community, so not sure its system wide Anis. You have done the right thing creating a Support request (I assume you did on

Hopefully they will sort it asap (and find the cause so it doesn’t happen again) :+1: Let us know how you get on.



yeah im sure the team will get care of these problems asap, i will make an update when they solve something

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@Anis I think you’re right about payment not arriving into your wallet. I had same experience also I have completed a task for days and am yet to get any notifications or payment i had to sent mails to support. I just got mails about few minutes ago for incoming payment and notification for a job that has been completed for more than 3days… Hopefully they are working to resolve the issues.

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Yes, this true and for me I just received a lot of AnyTask emails at one time that has not been sent to me days ago so I think email problem is resolved, the tasks approvement are also working again they have accepted my tasks, still only the payment so the team is working on it I wish they solve it soon.


Thanks for the update. :+1:


hello, i forget to mention that payments have arrived 3 or 4 days ago everything is fixed thanks to the team.

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