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AnyTask is a fairer freelance marketplace, offering zero seller fees and a new payment system that isn’t reliant on the seller having a bank account, meaning thousands of new freelancers can now sell with AnyTask.



Will there be any daily, weekly, monthly etc statistics available about the number of anytask users?

IOW FOMO stats:)

That would be great information, along with some statistics on how many tasks have been purchased. I’d be interested in seeing those numbers in an easy-to-read format.

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As a web developer myself I’d love to share some feedback on Anytask :slight_smile:

First of all I believe Anytask is a great way to get the ETN ecosystem going and making it more available especially for more first world countries. I like the fee structure and overall layout. I love the colors and all the pretty Icons. The overall ETN style is developing really nice.

On the other side there is a couple things that could be improved:

  1. Site speed is very low. See Google page speed insights. Anytasks gets the lowest possible score. The same page also shows the many ways the site can be made faster:
    Google cares a lot for fast pages and people in third world countries wont have the fastest internet on their phones as well.

  2. You can’t pay tasks with ETN. To me personally this is huge. How should people without a credit card pay for tasks ? Paypal is also not a valid option. In the developed world paypal has a wide adoption.
    I’d personally rethink the decision not to make it possible to pay with ETN.
    The Idea behind it may be that people pay with fiat. ETN is bought from the free market (thus raising the price). But since ETN is so new there is really not much people can do with these ETN’s besides charging their phone in some countries and changing it back to fiat or BTC. Having the Anytask website as another way to spend ETN would be more beneficially imho.

  3. The overall layout is very similar to fiverr. Which is fine. But a couple of things stood out for me:
    a) On the front page there is 2 search bars that basically do the exact same. The layout would be much smoother if there would be one search bar that has the whole focus.
    b) Talking about focus. The Search bar should be selected when you open the page on desktop PC’s so you can type a search right away without clicking it. Suggestions what to type for a search would be nice.
    c) The Search bar should have a nice autocomplete so if someone types “logo” for example there are the various options for logos already available.
    d) I think the categories are not really self explanatory
    I wouldnt know what “techie” means or what a “marketeer” or “lifestyles” does. It would be better in my opnion to have categories that say directly what the freelancer does and loop them. For the general categories there is already the menu on the top. So a better use of that space would be to have something like (on fiverr ie):
    Logo Design, Wordpress, Voice over, Social Media ads… and so on.
    e) Which also leads to the next point. Currently when you click a category you get to an extra page (menu) where you select a more detailed version of what you are looking for. With a more direct overview of services this would be unnecessary and offers would only be one click away.
    f) Since Anytasks is very new it would be great if some “Gigs” would be featured directly on the front page. Pretty much directly under the search bar. That would make the page more interesting and would give especially new visitors some idea of what this website is about.
    g) There are freelancers featured on the start page. But if you click them you dont get to their profiles which makes it very hard for me to find them on the page. Putting a clickable layer (desktop version) over them that lead to their profiles would be very logical and helpful (Meet Joy, Meet Kwame).

Thats about all. I didnt really check for bugs but I’ll report them if I should find something :slight_smile:
I hope my feedback is appreciated.

As a hodler from day one I’m really glad to see how ETN keeps moving forward overall and would love to use Anytask for some of my future projects :slight_smile:


  1. Agreed, i’m sure they will focus on performance during the beta period, needs some work. (SEO as a whole)


If you can, can you fire suggestions, bugs or issues through the feedback form (bottom right of the site). :+1:

Cheers Matt.

  1. That post came right in time :slight_smile: Good to have an answer. I was thinking that it probably has to do with legal issues. It just seemed so irrational. So the next question would probably be “when debit card”. “When Paypal”. :smiley:

Thanks, for your feedback. Please, post feedback on the relevant topic or on the feedback widget on the AnyTask site.

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GREAT feedback! Thank you for taking your time on this. I’ve written a reply about ETN being used to pay for tasks - and I’ve just edited it, because I think people think I meant we will NEVER do it… but I actually just meant we need to go where the real buyers are (fiat) FIRST and then come back and revisit once we have the platform stabilised and performing well. The reply is here:


debit card already taken (all mastercard, amex, debit card etc. - we use

PayPal will be integrated when we get time! We have critical system issues first. Vvideo uploads have had numerous bugs - they have to be uploaded in chunks and stitched back together, which hasn’t been perfect in our new, scaling, infrastructure, we’ve just reduced some queries from 120 SQL queries for a search to 7 queries (not rolled out yet) and many major speed improvements. dozens of minor bugs and glitches … and the list goes on. Remember - this is a soft launch of an MVP (MINIMUM viable product). You can keep moving the goalposts forever and not launch until every possible feature you can think of is built, or you can get the product to market. I’ve learned (the hard and expensive way!) that the best thing to do is get a minimum viable product out to market and then continually improve and enhance as you grow. There is already 18 months of work in this platform, it would be easy to lose half of 2020 or the whole of 2020 - but I think it’s ready for the world!
It’s going to be a GREAT year!!


Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

I think it was the perfect decision to launch anytask early. This is how most successful projects start.
I love the excitement in your words and can’t wait to see how the whole ETN World will evolve.

Keep it up and also dont forget to spend time just for yourself as well :smiley:


Provide a question about anything current in popular culture, and get an answer as a short audio clip. Now this will just be one recording. Maximum of 30 seconds sound bite recordings. I will Read your question and answer it as quickly as possible, off the cuff. Delivered within 2 working days. So the buyer is getting short soundbite answers on demand! This task is suitable for those conducting market research or for use in TV Film and Radio productions. In the near future I hope to offer a team of sellers to create these task. Giving you the option to buy as many unique ideas as possible. To suit your requirements.

Thanks 3babs

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