AnyTask : Default Task Ranking by reviews is a big mistake

-I’m an Anytask seller and as a lot of AnyTask users know, when searching for a task and choosing a category of tasks the default ranking system of the website will sort tasks by reviews (1 to 5 stars), okay so there is a big problem here I’ll tell you my story!
-I’m a photoshop designer I started a task that attracts many buyers from the beginning so I have sold the task 6 times with a completely 5 stars reviews and a very cool commentary on the task from these buyers, okay after this my task has ranked TOP 1 in the default page of a specific tasks category, so 3 or 4 days ago I have received a new order from a buyer that he was an AnyTask seller too, he sent me his picture and he told me some specification he wants from the processing so i finished the work and sent it back to him, the guy started to requesting so so many other new things to modify that are beyond my ability and that are out of the task goal and description, so i explain to him the situation and modified what i can to modify and i have sent the new corrected picture, so the guy accepted the delivery and start judging many things and submitted a 3/5 review and we can say a bad commentary.

  • And here we go ! imagine the task rank was gone from TOP 1 to the 30 place !!! because just of 1 review !!! is this fair ! so like that if one competitor working as a seller in your niche or the same job as you and he want to take you down from the default ranking it’s so easy for him to do just he request an order an then he put a bad review dispiting the good work you did ! take a look :

  • Did you know In this false ranking system : A task sold one time with 5/5 stars review will rank better than a task sold for 1000 time with 4.9/5 reviews :joy: :joy: :joy: that’s crazy :joy:

  • This is a real mistake in the AnyTask system i confirmed this when i reach FIVER to take a look and there is no default ranking by reviews :

-I wish from administrator here to look at this problem and pass it to the AnyTask administrators to make the right decision because this problem will grow in the future, i think the default ranking system will be better if a hybrid ranking system between the number of the task sold and the reviews are combined.


Can you pass this on to the anytask team.

Many thanks.


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