Anyone Xbox gamers in here?


Here’s my game list that I’ll be mostly wasting my life on over the coming months …

Black ops 4 . Out now
I was going to but no campaign and I’m terrible at battle royal so that’s a game I’ll buy when it’s much much cheaper.

Red dead 2 … 26.10.19
This looks absolutely amazing, first one was a good game but this I can’t wait for…

Fallout 76 November 14 2019

I love the fallout series , played them all only thing that bugged me was no online multiplayer … come November that all changes…

Battlefield 5
Another amazing game…
Out November 19th

I prefer free roam games , with very long storylines rather than a 3 hr campaign then it’s all online.

Next year we have anthem due out in February 2019 which so far the graphics and gameplay looks amazing.

Now this brings me too etn , imagine the future being able to buy digital games from within the app with electroneum.

The possibility of etn with kyc the doors have been opened so wide the future is looking rather Rosey , God knows what else the team have planned or the deals they have done.

provehito in altum etn.


Fallout 76 , DO NOT BUY until they fix it.
Lose camps , armour, weapons , loot etc etc glitches all over the place


Pay to win game , no point way too many hours to complete without paying for crates


Yeah advertising at game webs and product placement in games would be a great opportunity. @ETNCEO can think of it if our target is gaming and gambling… Now we are pushing hard with operators but don’t forget to players. Too big market. For example blizzard or some gaming studio can be our partner.


Well if you think that back in 2014 the gaming industry was worth around.1.7 billion per year in the UK alone and has only grown , due to advances in consoles and mobile phones .

If we could just get into a small slice of the gaming pie …after getting mobile networks onboard , payment system all fast and perfect then dip our toes in the gaming sector Who knows how huge electroneum could be. The potential is mind blowing…