Anyone read this yet?

Woah …

Nice find…

Got to share this post…



Actually all pages are blanks and at the end you can find a simple but efficient “SOON !”


@Anthony. ? :slight_smile:

Nice find! I wonder if it’s updated with all the latest news. It may not seem like it because we’re watching every couple of minutes :nerd_face: but this team moves like lightning :zap::zap::zap:

It’s a year old, if it exists. I’m surprised I haven’t seen it before. Hmmm.

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Good guess but I’m afraid it’s not me, though I like the idea of writing a book!


This story is way to early for a book, the best parts are just getting started. Once the pace picks up in the next quarter things will be outdated by the week if not the day.

Less than 5$ I have to get this but then I want to pay with etn

you made me LOL Toby, thanks

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Interesting :thinking:…Just a paperback ETN ‘white paper’ for sale at Amazon :smirk:
Sorry, but who the hell is Anthony E.Joseph?? Looks like a paperback scam for ETN newbee’s :-1:t2:


somebody selling the whiitepaper… lol

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