Anyone having problems with app?

Today my miner will not start mining. It just stays loading. Also, I sent ETN from cryptopia to my wallet and the wallet does not refresh like it used to. Anyone else?

Yeah mine won’t connect to the mobile miner for the past 2 or 3 hours.

Repeatedly getting a set of 3 wallet notifications also.

Mine just connected for the first time in hours

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Same here. I guess it was a glitch.

Good morning,

yesterday my mobile miner doesn’t work too, but when i woke up this morning and restart it i would be able to start mobile mining.
My mobile wallet also refreshed successfully now.


Is the problem resolved:-? I have mining for 24 hours but It’s not working and the Pending coin static. wallet not refresh even got notification


Hey mate :smile:. I can see you just joined this fabolous community 18 minutes ago.
Trust me, blockchain will always store your transaction(s) :+1:
No transaction is lost, no need to worry… :+1:

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started mining yesterday and till now the pending ballance is 0…any advice??

@RSKNOR @Pahini Why yes of course. So what you want to do is open up a master node(Not to be confused with a PAD-aWan node), buy an asic miner, change the mining algorythm, adjust your hashpower to hashbrown, disregard all prior instructions and wait for the ETN team to fix the issue. Lol. XD Have fun!

i guess cloud mining…

Why do you include me in this?

They said the current miner has bugs that they won’t bother fixing to expedite the cloud miner.

я обновил приложение от 11 февраля 2019, зашел в мобильный майнер и получил сообщение “cloud mining couldn’t be started on your account” и ссылку на референсный код CM001. Что это значит?

otkryt’ bilet podderzhki. drugiye pol’zovateli ispytali to zhe samoye

hello, my Android is on version 6. I wanted to update my mobile miner to the cloud miner. When i went to the google store, it said my device is no longer compatible with the app. My mobile miner app is still running. the system also said there is an error retrieving information from server DF-DFERH-01 . What should I do?

Open a support ticket. :slight_smile:

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What is your phone model ,

Make sure it is up to date to the latest version of android.
If it needs an update via settings update it

If the phone is updated , then go to and raise a ticket

Yes… me too…

I have mobile miner. And it working fine. but now I no longer get the results of mining. Even though my mobile mining is still running.

I have tried removing the application and downloading it with the latest one, but the results remain the same.