Anyone Have Experience with CoinBene?

Does anyone have experience with the exchange CoinBene? It is attractive because it has a very high trade limit once you initialize their KYC. I am just hesitant because it looks like it originated our of china. Does anyone have personal experience with them, good or bad?

I have refrained from using them because they have a very bad reputation of being a major bot exchange…more than most. Almost all of their volume is fake, supposedly. But I could be wrong…either way, Kucoin works just fine for me.

Thanks, cryptoman. Unfortunately KuCoin “temporarily” suspended any new KYC for the USA. So im forced to look elsewhere.

What about Liquid? its a great exchange…I have full KYC but dont know if they support USA…

Perhaps I will look into liquid. If they have KYC in the US and have high withdraw limits, I will use them. Thanks.

oh that’s suuuucks…boo:(

Yes, Liquid is excellent as well. I got grandfathered into that after I made my account and did KYC when they still have Quoine (sp?). But I do believe you can do KYC with them as a US citizen without issue. They are actually the most secure exchange using cold storage for most of their crypto. But, because they use cold storage, it can take 24 hours before any withdrawals are processed as they are done manually.

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If you want to trade etn i wouldnt suggest you since our volume is close to 0.
Use kucoin or tradeogre

Dont take my word but i think i seen on my account its 50k€ withdrawal max in a day or something…

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If I ever get to a point where that’s an actual problem…I think I’ll be doing alright:)