Anyone have a good knowledge of VeChain (VET)?

I hope is that ok to ask about different crypto in that topic… if no sorry
Do anyone have good knowledge of VET? How that project is going on? What is a good YouTube channel about it? Thx for any news.

Hey, I’m invested in VeChain. I think it’s a great project, great product/service lots of massive partnerships, very very bright future ahead i believe.

I watch Bob on CrptoCurrency news channel

He is a crypto streamer on YouTube. He is invested in Vechain but is definitely not a moon boy,he usually gathers info from various sources and always confirms whether something is rumour or confirmed he doesn’t lie about stuff and is definitely not a shill.
His streams are live and usually 2 hrs twice a day, he interacts with chat so the streams can get tedious and go off topic a lot but he does do stream re-caps with all the main info capped into 5-10 min videos, he does report on other cryptos also.

I like him anyhow, the Vechain community facebook group is ok but you know it’s Facebook so…yeah loads of stupidity in the comments sections.

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Thanks mate… I invested in VET too… but not really follow news… I will look into that Bob videos…

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They’ve been attending and guest speaking at a lot of blockchain conferences and summits recently, Walmart China is starting to on-board a lot more product ranges and the Deloitte and DNVGL partneship seems to be growing.

I would definitely recommend keeping up and following in the new year i think 2020 is gonna be great year for VeChain

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Good couple of days for Vechain. The French pork,beef and wine deal is pretty big.

Mate where is best place to read or watch news about VET? I am looking for good source of info. Do you know any? Thx

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People post news info on the Facebook group, there is also a Reddit page for Vechain that has most news links, tweets and rumours.

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Nice pump last couple of days…The China France deal is pretty big i think…some big transactions in and out of partners wallets

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Yes looks good hope it keep going like that :+1::rocket:

Is moving up… smoothly :smiley:

Continuous announcements day after day, hard to keep up at the moment. Disappointed i didn’t buy more when it was cheaper, it will probably retrace but i think it’s going to have a new higher low when it does.

No only you is disappointed… I need more too haha

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Yeah i heard about this, seems like an inside job, they have the wallets on lockdown and it seems exchanges have been informed and used wallets blocked.

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I am keeping my on the phone wallet… hope it woudnt be afected

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Same here, safest place i think.

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More good news for the future of Vechain. Looks like another price rise today.

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Not a confirmed partnership but possible links the U.S. FDA, this would be massive if FDA started using VeChain.

Hmmm… I can’t open that twitter link… can you?

opening ok for me, it’s only a couple of days old if you want to check manually.

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