Anyone else not getting push notifications?

Anyone else not getting push notifications? Im on a Google pixel 2, was actually excited about this at first, so I would check it in often and extend (in the mobile miner).

I thought I was checking it so often that I didn’t give the push notifications a chance to go through, so I stopped extending and still no push notifications.

Anyone else experiencing this or knows how to solve?

How long did you wait? People weren’t getting push notifications about the mobile miner expiring until the last day (6th day)

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6th day you will get one. Make sure you are updated.

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I get the expiry ones 48 hours before, 24 hours and 2 hours but didn’t get one when I got my 100 ETN payout the other day. I have just upgraded to iOS 13 tho so not sure if that is the problem though

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I think it’s only when you have peer to peer transactions

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I’m updated, I was pretty on top of this feature. Isn’t it supposed to remind you Everytime you need an extend? And when it pays out? I’m not getting anything, 6 day or not.

Also, if it doesn’t remind you everyday, how will you get to the 6th day notification?

I thought this was brilliant at first, but now I’m really seeing the asterisks.

Instant payment*
(Not to each other)
Push notifications*
(On the 6th day)
Untapped Unbanked market*
(Along juggernauts like omisego and Facebook’s Libra)
Secure wallet*

Etn desperately needs a win, the wait and FUD is misery.

It is most likely a setting within your phone specific to app notifications, not the ETN app.
Take a step back and and re-read your asterisks.
None of those are a threat or an issue.

Hey no one wants etn to win more than me. If you are in any of the Facebook/twitterp groups you’ll see me white-knighting the sh1t out of it.

I’m just venting a little here because we are basically kin, and have nothing to prove.

Maybe I’m just having a bad day, but I just want a solid win from ETN. Something that commands respect from the other groups. Something that really gets noticed.
The push notifications would have been a great conversation starter, but not getting them to work just made me realize how often i seem to feel underwhelmed with etn :man_shrugging::sweat:

I’ll Google around and see if there’s some setting on my Google pixel 2 I need to change :man_shrugging:


Yeah, sorry. I believe you. I have had no problems with notifications. Payment or miner.

We have not heard of anyone else having issue. Probably operator error :rofl::joy::rofl:

Does anyone know of any possible compatibility errors with Google pixel 2?

One other thing, is the app running in the background or is it closed out of completely and not running?

But yeah, I would verify phone wide settings for notifications.

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