Any young investors and how many coins do you have?

Just like the title said. Who are the young ones that are investing and plan on hodling for a while & how many etn do you have total?

ps. im not young but i was young at one time and im curious as how many younger investors are in here that have the balls to hold on to some of there investments for more then a year in hopes of making some decent money?

Even if you have only 100 ETN. Don’t be scared or ashamed if others have more.:slight_smile:

How young is young? lol

21 and under, hows that. lol

Damn I’m old then :stuck_out_tongue: Just not at heart!

dont feel bad, my wife tells me i act 12 at times :crazy_face:


So do my kids lol :blush:

yes i am 20 years old and i am full involved in crypto but from november my main side is etn :relaxed:

Isn’t this a bit too personal thing to ask from strangers? I hope only those answer that know What they are doing :grimacing:

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whys it to personal? especially from strangers. lol.

The age thing is Alright in my opinion. But asking around How much people have money is a bit strange. Something more relevant and easier to answer would be asking about ”at What point did you invest?” or ”How many precents of your portfolio is in ETN?”

i was asking the younger ones how many ETN they have. Not what they make or how much fiat they have. Not once did i ask that. The ones who don’t want to say wont respond, The ones that want to respond will respond.

Sorry. Did not mean to attack you in any way.

no problem :), i do have a reason for why i made this post. you’ll see soon.

Okay. Hopefully not to rip off any one :sweat_smile: Just kidding :blush: But as you said that anyone that does not want to answer. Will not answer. I just wanted to make sure that those that do anwer their total holdings actually know What they are doing :v:

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I’m 17 and i can say im holding a lot of ETN :sunglasses:

I’m 17 and I bought a few hundred at the end of last year (sigh) and then 2k about a week ago. I’ve just bought another few thousand but I think that’s me for now - don’t have too much in the way of life savings :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not send out an anomomous survey with Multiple choice answers. Much better than analyzing whatever you are researching from comments. Im sure you’ll get allot more feedback that way also. Do a simple strawpoll or something. I sure as hell wont disclose how many coins I have, it will make me a target for the lurkers. :smiley:

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I am like NagaBeau. I have 100 ETN, and that is why I want the price to reach $150.000.

That is wise thinking there.

As you can see clearly from the profile picture, I’m the youngest here I’m only 17 and holding 5k and my wish is to have like 50k
For at least I turn 30 years