Any updates on refund/accounting api?


Hi Team,

I saw that there are plans to implement a host of refund and accountancy api calls.

Could i pretty please have an update as to how these are progressing ?
I’m very keen to play :joy:


Hi Steve!

It will be announced on the main Vendor API Guide thread once we have something :slight_smile:



@Egg Is there still a limit of 50 euro transactions on the vendor API’s for eCommerce stores?



There was a limit of €50; however due to the huge success and interest in our Vendor Instant Payment API the max spend per transaction has been increased from €50 to €500.

This should allow many more retailers to come on-board, offering more products than before :slight_smile:


Max spend per transaction now €500!

Much appreciated for the update. Yes this increase will certainly help


Proud to announce we are finally live & accepting ETN:

Still adding more products by the minute