Any thoughts on the Electroneum App being a PWA?


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Instead of targeting specific platforms (Android & iOS) with monolithic apps written in Java and Swift/Objective C, is it possible to make the Electroneum app as a Progressive Web App? That would certainly solve the platform issues and the need for Apple approval.

HERE is another link.

HERE is an article discussing them on iOS.

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Is it possible? @ETNbot fortune


:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now


Richard said that Apple has already approved. They can push to button and the app is live on App store. But they want to make the mobile miner more bot resistant before going live.


You mean like so it can be used on others phone OS’s like Jolla SailFish OS?


I dont see why it wouldn’t be possible, although a bit pointless.
Seeing as has all the stuff you would need, apart from the miner - which would just be a Cryptonote 8 browser miner (or cloud based faucet).

All that would need to change to make it a smartphone-app, is the Interface.
Wrap the website up in a small Java/Swift web-view, depending on the OS.