Another way to view Cryptocurrency


So, I don’t know how many of you are gamers, but I feel like I should share a way to introduce fellow gamers to cryptocurrency, using a model they are already familiar with.

Many games use a virtual currency model already, but there is one game that is widely known that takes it a step further. That game is World of Warcraft.

See, in addition to it’s Gold economy, it also has what’s called a WoW Token. This token can be purchased with Fiat, then used on it’s own, or traded on an in-game exchange for Gold. How does this translate over to crypto? Well, you can view the token to gold exchange as a WoW Gold to Fiat/Stablecoin pairing. The token has a set price, but it’s Gold value fluctuates according to supply and demand, just like a cryptocurrency.

This is just one example of an easy way to introduce the idea and workings of a cryptocurrency to people new to this nascent market. Feel free to share other such examples below!


Great idea! The more we share the better it will be for us!


Additionally, it will aid to expose marketing vectors which Electroneum can utilize towards it’s goal of mass-adoption.


This sounds awesome in Theory, but you need a game company to actually want to do that so a partnership is needed and it can get expensive. I don’t think that is going to be easy either. The pitch for ETN when we first started watching it, was in the gambling and gaming industry, so it is not a far fetched idea. We’re also currently partnered with an Argentina gaming company too so that idea is kind of coming to fruition. Who knows? I for sure would love that though.

Right now there’s a few coins that are trying to do that, ENJI being one of it.


This is just a way to introduce new people to the crypto space, using examples already existent and familiar, but are not actual cryptocurrencies. I’d rather Electroneum not go into gaming, as that is a huge beast to tackle, and Electroneum already has it’s hands full.


I think the gaming Community’s has great opportunities for ETN in the future also a partnership towards gaming would definitely be great for ETN to reach further widespread and adoption but its a good idea @Satsukeshi not long ago (this week somewhere) i talked with someone that was curious about Cryptocurrency in general but didn’t know how to and i explained some things to him but it still confused him and he talked to his wife about it and they are very interested and they asked me to come by sooner or later to talk about it so they can look further into it and possibly invest of course i am also going to introduce them to Electroneum :sunglasses:


Yup, exactly why I made this post! The easier it is to explain Crypto to people in terms they are familiar with, the more likely to convert them into crypto users, and for them to then convert their friends and so forth. :slight_smile:


The biggest problem i see around me is people know about bitcoin and a little bit about crypto but doesn’t know how to start and then they end up not doing it because its a lot of work and because it confuses them how to begin in the first place with wallets and everything surounding crypto in general if i already use the word exchange they already look at me like :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, an exchange is really similar to the way Fiat exchanges work; whenever you exchange one currency for another, you have an exchange rate which determines how many (for example) Yen you can get per USD, which fluctuates constantly.

You just have to do it online (for now), which is the extra legwork required.


Yep WoW seems like a good example. The easiest point of entry for etn would probably be on mobile platforms though; Boom Beach, Galaxy of Heros, etc. All the micro transaction “free” games.