Another Opportunity for mass adoption?

Hello Community,

I’ m working for one of the largest organisation against poverty, Oxfam (also founded in the U.K. :wink:
They are working in about 93 country’s

What do you all think about this?
What can Electroneum do for these people?
The mass adoption has to come from lot of these countries, in my opinion the Oxfam people in those developing countries can spread the word and education even faster and help those people to get some more bucks and a payment solution!

The dude

If you can educate people about ETN you help them to be a part of the banked people and you will be a door opener for them to a better future. to give them and us a way of financial communication the world will never be the same. If the goal is to help them we need to give them the tools to help them self. Back in the days when i was in the NATO forces at Balkan i did see what different organisation did to help people and i was not impressed by the work they did, so the right education end when financial communication are at place we can achieve great things together. Believe me i want to help the best i can and thrust me i have done a lot for people in need, but i struggle to give money to red cross after my experience. I don’t want to ruin your thred with my bad experience but help you to ask the right question.

If some village have a need fore a new well. They create a support web page provided by your organisation and they show the projekt like Like they want it and we can give ETN to that projekt and follow the project from start to stopp. That is an example howe ETN can help you’re organisation achieve much more if helping is the end goal.


Thanks for your reply mate, i m definately not looking for support for the organisation… i m looking to find more ways to speed up the mass adoption for ETN. and of course ETN can help the people in lots of these countries!


Hey @TheDude maybe you should try get in touch with your bosses and see if they can set up a certain program together with ETN to achieve mass adoption and spread the word around towards people who can use it in all those countries that would be amazing for ETN and i honestly think that Richard @ETNCEO would like this idea to work together with such a big organisation to spread out the word even further :thinking:


Hey Danny i was thinking the same…
Depends on what Richard sees in working together with an organisation like Oxfam… bij jullie is dit Oxfam Novib :slight_smile: I m living in Belgium… Dutch speaking also


Hopefully he will see anything in this maybe he will contact you or Oxfam if he sees something in this and yup i know the dutch one is big here to :wink:


That’s just a thought I’ve invested in nanosattelite shares. Among others SAS (Sky and Space Global), they are a startup, that has 3 test nanosats in space and will have 20 more in orbit in 2019. They are covering the equator and are delivering cellphone and internet conection for the unconected / unbanked. Among others, they have an agreement with BeepTool. BeepTool are delivering very, very cheap cellphones with a preeinstalled app that also has some kind of payment tool - that could be a possibility for the Electroneum team.

This is great and got some ideas flowing in my head too, even if we worked with an organization like this and they just gave out information regarding Electroneum that could potentiality be huge. Thanks for sharing

Hi, here you can see the overall idea about BeepTool - the Electroneum team should get in touch with BeepTool.

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