Another one congratulations to me


As you can clearly see I have completed level two tho I’m not yet employed


Way to go, so clearly there are options for every person, no matter what country, financial status or age.
This is mass adoption at its best!


Yes I now realize there are so many ways to get confirmed,


How did you upload your document to


I went to account settings and complete profile. …


How? Il just logged in Then?


What ID did you upload in yoyi app? Passport?


What ID did you upload in the yoti app?


Precisely and just fill the gap


No I did not upload any document only. My pic


Only picture of you? How come I am required to upload in yoti a passport or drivers license before I can manually enter my bday, address and among others…


Well I don’t actually know why but Im sure I provided a government issued id


upload your document in yoti and then scan code using yoti and then last part is send bank statement or any related to confirm your address and identity…finally wait for confirmation from etn team


How did you upload your government issued ID? Where fid you uplosd your ID?


Thank you for the advise. However, the document required by yoti to upload is a passport or driving license which I dont have. Is there any other way which I can upload other document ID so I can manually enter my address, bdate, gender and natiomality? Thats why Im stuck at this stage…