[ANN] New ETN Market Place Now Open!

Dear all,

I’m currently in the process of setting up a new marketplace exclusively for the Electroneum community with no fees, commission and free store fronts for anyone cares to open one. The spirit of the place will be very much about furthering adoption of our beloved coin of course.

All suggestions, comments and feedback welcome… updates as they happen!

Features you can look forward to initially…

  • Unlimited free stores.
  • Buyer and seller profiles and ratings.
  • Buy and sell goods and services.
  • Item and store Disqus comment threads.
  • Social media logins.
  • Browser push notifications.
  • PayPal.
  • Support for other cryptos in future!?
  • SSL / HTTPS secured web traffic.
  • All the usual features of an online store.



Some screenshots of what to expect…


Looks interesting, keep us updated. Nice work


Very cool. I will be interested to put a book I wrote up there about some interesting paranormal experiences. I don’t really have another way to market it as I don’t have money to do so.


Amazon? I think you can self publish on Amazon.

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Fingers crossed I should have an early version of the web site working in the next 24 to 72 hours…


yeah I looked at Amazon - its more complicated than you might think to do that. There is a bunch of tax stuff to deal with and small money gets chewed up in fees. I like the simplicity of a community market place. send and receive etn = so easy.

Yeah, I figured it wasn’t as simple as pressing a button, but the marketplace is so huge it’s most likely worth the effort to figure it out. The hardest part is done, you wrote it. It’s a niche market with lots of interest.

Just an idea.

Yeah thanks - much appreciated. I actually had issues formatting my book to their standard to upload it into their template as well. Maybe one day if the subject matter gets more recognition it would be worth it. In principle I would like to do it the ETN way - try to avoid the corporate side of things if I can.

Np, I wonder if calibre can convert it successfully for you.

I was just thinking what if, what if you accidentally managed to somehow sell a few thousand copies, that’d buy a lot of etn heh.

GL no matter what path you take.


Impressive, @partyviberadio.


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Your entrepreneurial spirit and strong advocacy for utilizing ETN certainly have my attention. Thank you for being a valuable member of the Community @partyviberadio. Really looking forward to the launch of your marketplace!



Very kind words indeed, thank you! As it happens I think we’re almost ready for a beta test, either today or tomorrow at the latest baring any last minute show stoppers.


A few short hours before making this beta available for you all to play around with. Here are some things to know about what I’ve built…

Firstly while the vendor ETN API integrates very nicely with Wordpress, WooCommerce and supports receiving Electroneum in a web shop at checkout time as it should. There appears to be no way for WooCommerce to payout a Vendors’ earning at this time in any other currency than FIAT through one of it’s many supported payment gateways or Bitcoin.

Bummer, right!

Well yes and no. Having hit this snag I started searching, because although being able to receive ETN is a great thing. I don’t see the community being properly helped by outflows of currency. Rather what I feel we really need of course is a balance of ETN flowing around the community. SO. What I’m suggestion we do is as follows…

The web site will accept Paypal, FIAT and ETN at checkout as I’ve already stated. But what I would strongly encourage vendors to also do is generate either address only QR codes using screenshots from the mobile miner application, or QR codes with payment amounts embedded, whatever works. And post these QR codes in the description of their stores or sale items. With buyer reaching out to vendors, preferably before making a purchase, to arrange the transaction. Either through the comment section of the store, individual item or private messaging system. Allowing vendors to receive ETN directly to their wallets…

Clearly it would preferable to have vendor payout in ETN support through WooCommerce, and hopefully that’s something we might see in future. But for now I think we have reasonable workaround that might just work. Because personally I can’t wait to hear about this coin being used as it was intended, in some small way, through this store.

Anyway, enough rambling. What do you think?


My first draft is now open for scrutiny. Let me know what you think and if you could report any bugs, I would be really grateful. Thanks!

ETN Markets


I noticed you put a link to how to mine etn on a mobile phone

Maybe buyers would also be interested to know how to cross-mine electroneum with a PC i.e. mine some other coin and exchange it to etn. this pool mines sumo coin and does the exchange to etn automatically so you get paid in etn:

the pool owner @Crypto_Kangaroo may give more info on this

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I’d be happy to. Is this something you would be willing to write up?

I think it’s better if @Crypto_Kangaroo does it. you can reach him in telegram on the channel

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No problem. I’ll reach out to him. Thanks!

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I’ve created a new twitter account for ETN Markets. Please consider giving me a follow and I’ll follow you back right away of course… thanks!


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