Android to iOS Cloud Miner

Does anyone know if is possible to migrate from Android device with app miner to iOS cloud miner with same account on the proviso that you switch off android app miner before turning on iOS cloud miner. Not having more than one miner whichever variant running at same time?


Just tried and switched off Android miner and logged into iOS miner and it logged in and the accumulated ETN from Android miner was in iOS cloud miner brilliantly seamless.

Same blockchain :wink:

Cheers for that still relative newbie when it comes to Crypto and Blockchain.

I did not want to inadvertently lock my account out for having Android miner and iOS cloud miner but thinking about it you would only contravene rules if you have had more than one miner running at the same time.

Can I mine both android and ios at the same time?

Negative Ghost Rider.

If you physically could, I don’t think it’d be for long. The team has gone to great measures to prevent people from taking advantage of the system.

I also think it’s in the terms and conditions.

The answer is no. Only 1 active mobile miner per ETN account. But you can switch from Android to iOS if you like

Well they should make a tweet about this so users don’t get all their hard-earned ETN taken away by enabling both devices at the same time.

No, you won’t loose your ETN, you just cannot mine on the same account on 2 devices.